Donna Flagg is an inventor, creator and entrepreneur. Her brands, LASTICS and LASTICS BODY are fitness and beauty, for your body.


Early in life Donna began preparing for a career in dance. After earning her BA in dance, she got a job working for CHANEL as a freelance make up artist. She continued dancing but loved working in the beauty industry for all it had in common with stage and theater. While at CHANEL, she was identified to become a member of the corporate team, a move that marked the beginning of an incredible career in fashion and beauty.


Over the course of more than twenty years she worked for many iconic brands, both large and small; Barneys New York, Donna Karan, Philosophy, Shiseido, Tocca and Nars were among them. After earning two graduate degrees from NYU, and a stint on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs, Donna formed a consulting firm, authored a book published by McGraw-Hill, and continued to serve the fashion and beauty industry.


Dancing, though, remained a huge part of Donna’s life, an outgrowth of which was LASTICS, the stretch and flexibility technique she created and introduced at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City. Within a few years, Lastics had been offered at the Joffrey Academy of Ballet in Chicago, New York Health and Racquet Club, Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway and Cal-a-Vie Health Spa in San Diego.


Then, Donna got sick. Her doctors had no answers, and after a long string of medical mishaps, she turned to nutrition where she learned that the cumulative effect of toxic chemicals going into, and onto, her body, created a burden greater than what her body could bear. One deficiency fed another and at the age of 44, both her digestive and reproductive systems were completely malfunctioning.


She knew enough, instinctively, that she was too young and too “healthy” on the outside to be that sick on the inside. The end result was that Donna had to learn how to get the toxic chemicals out of her diet, daily beauty regime and ultimately, her body. It was, and is, no easy task in a time when toxic chemicals are hidden in everything. Unwilling to continue polluting her body, Donna had to find a way to make “natural” work for her active, athletic - and sweaty - lifestyle. And she did. Lastics Body Natural Deodorant came first and was following by shaving soaps, cleansing foot spray and muscle rub - all products inspired by nutrition for people who move.


Together, LASTICS and LASTICS BODY will continue to provide products people can use to help them feel good from the inside out, the outside in, enjoying health in body, heart and mind.