Lastics Body | Our Story

We are purists, pioneers, and perfectionists creating the next generation of non-toxic personal care products where function meets luxury, natural means true, and healthy is clean and clear of toxins. We assemble the ingredients of our products they way one does to make a nutritious, delicious meal.

We make every product by hand from mixing to sealing to labeling. We believe that being healthy in this day and age is as much about getting, and keeping, harmful toxins off your body as it is about putting good, healthy things in.

We will never lie, hide, spin, double-talk or mislead anyone about what is in our products. If we find out from a supplier that there is an ingredient that does not meet our high standards, or new information raises safety questions, we will either change the product or stop making it all together.

The LASTICS BODY part of LASTICS was born by the BODY Team in two New York City kitchens in 2015.