We want one thing and this is to help people feel good in this world when nasty chemicals are going into our bodies without our knowledge.  


Lastics Body was formed as a result of our founder desperate to heal from serious, but mysterious illnesses.  We're about feeling good.


Simple. Serious. Safe.

We care about



common sense

At LASTICS BODY (and LASTICS STRETCH), we get up every morning to create products that help feel good, look good and enjoy living life in a healthy body!

We keep is simple becasue we know the safest formulas are the least complicated. Even though our ingredients are straight forward and recognizable, every product we make will perform as good as or better than their chemically-laden counterparts.

We are serious about the truth. It's become commonplace to stretch the truth (or flat out lie) when it comes to the meaning of natural. We won't do that. What you see is what you get. 

Natural does not always mean safe and chemicals do not always mean danger.  We make a very clear and deliberate distinction between the two and will always choose safe and will always tell you what we put in our products. And we know because we make them ourselves.

The LASTICS BODY part of LASTICS was born by the BODY Team in two New York City kitchens in 2015.