Study Raises Questions About Leucidal Safety

Written By DONNA FLAGG - February 16 2017


Donna Flagg
August 03 2019

@Anastasia – the link in in the body of the blog! Thanks!

August 03 2019

Hello! Amazing observation!
I am currently working on developing a crisis communication management plan (for my postgraduate degree) for Herbivore Botanicals: an all-natural skin care brand that claims to use Leucidal as a natural preservative in most of its products. The beauty brand is currently facing backlash after one of its best selling products, the Pink Cloud moisturiser, was recalled due to mould contamination. In order to be able to provide an in depth report on the brand I have been scanning the web for useful information on the ingredients they claim to use. To sum up, this post of yours has been greatly useful and informative.
Do you think it would be possible to provide me with a link on the independent study carried out at the University of Alberta that was published in 2015?
I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!

Donna Flagg
July 17 2018

Hi @Tasha – I don’t believe that an all-natural, broad-spectrum preservative exists. We either don’t use water, or we refrigerate. If your formula needs to be shelf stable, and has water in it, you need a proven broad-spectrum preservative (which will not be all-natural in the true sense of the word) along with challenge-testing on the product itself. Hope that helps:)


July 09 2018

So, what all-natural broad-spectrum preservative do you recommend for use in DIY aqueous blends?

September 27 2017

Very nice observation!

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