What's The Story With Propanediol?

Written By DONNA FLAGG - March 16 2019


Katherine Gray
August 03 2019

I appreciate that you ask the question re: substances and products derived from corn, yet as you say-is the corn genetically modified? And, what was used as a pesticide on that corn?
I wish that these dangerous pesticides would be banned – period.

I also wanted to point out that anti-freeze isn’t made with propylene glycol, it’s made with

ethylene glycol. *

Fred Lander
April 28 2019

I am looking for a toothpaste or mouthwash with pomegranate seed oil and found one that looks promising, but with the propanediol.
I did find a peer reviewed toxicology study on the vapor that looks a little bit optimistic. The cancer results you posted are more convincing to me, so far.

April 28 2019

Thanks Donna ~ this is excellent !

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