The Leucidal Liquid Debate Continues

Written By DONNA FLAGG - July 05 2017


March 22 2018

Yes @anonymous, it’s the water that creates the environment wherein mold will grow – and thrive! We don’t use water for that reason. We have no issues with mold… unless moisture gets in. Are you saying the white patches are mold, or is it separating?

March 14 2018

Thank you for taking the time to write this and follow up with it. I think the question you asked at the end was answered somewhere in the beginning when you relayed the results and what the root was and was not capable of. I’m convinced it’s not for me. Thank you.

Anonymous Please
March 13 2018


I actually hopped on google today because I am (was) a user of Liquid Leucidal. I haven’t had a any problems with the Leucidal in my oil based body scrubs or body butters. However (and I am just pulling my hairs out), I’ve just made three different face masks that are dreamy until about day 3 when they start growing white patches. I’m at my wits end and wonder if the leucidal is actually working in my oil based products at all since I’ve heard that oil based products growing mold is less likely. Now that I’m using it in a water based product (at 4%), it’s a big fat fail! I’m wondering how naive I need to be to keep spending money on this very costly natural preservative? Sigh…

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