The Leucidal Liquid Debate Continues

Written By DONNA FLAGG - July 05 2017


January 29 2019

@overthepond – yes, you are exactly right. The issue is the water. Thanks!

January 29 2019

I am pretty sure you don’t need a preservative for anhydrous products…only water based ones.

August 27 2018

Very interesting set of articles, thank you. I was just reading about AMTicide Coconut, and anti mold, anti fungal that AMT developed to be used in conjunction with their Leucidal products, since Leucidal is only supposed to be an antibiotic. Does anyone know if there are the same issues with NataPres? If not, then perhaps using NataPres with AMTicide Coconut would cover all bases. This study though is making me question anything developed by AMT. Has anyone had any issues with powder/oil combination products such as eyeshadows?

March 22 2018

Yes @anonymous, it’s the water that creates the environment wherein mold will grow – and thrive! We don’t use water for that reason. We have no issues with mold… unless moisture gets in. Are you saying the white patches are mold, or is it separating?

March 14 2018

Thank you for taking the time to write this and follow up with it. I think the question you asked at the end was answered somewhere in the beginning when you relayed the results and what the root was and was not capable of. I’m convinced it’s not for me. Thank you.

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