A Cautionary Tale For Women Who Use Tampons

Written By DONNA FLAGG - November 27 2017


Flagg Donna
May 12 2019

Oh, you’re very kind, thank you. And I’m a dancer, so I wore tampons A LOT :( Of course, there could be other things and I can’t go back and do it over, but I do try really hard now to lighten the toxic burden on my body. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

May 12 2019

I’m so sorry to hear of your severe endometriosis. Drs discovered I had it at 21 while backpacking in Australia. I was lucky – that I had a lot of pain but minimal adhesions. I was also lucky because back in 1991 the Aussie doctors actually told me to stop using tampons, which I did. And only use organic sanitary products. I went on to have 2 homebirths at age 38 & 42 after being told to accept that there was a possibility I wouldn’t be able to have kids. I am so grateful that my Dr had some foresight about the dangers of tampons – on a physical and chemical level.

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