The Toxins in Your Toiletries

Written By DONNA FLAGG - November 16 2015


Donna Flagg
April 15 2018

I actually don’t believe any of the claims because it takes years for the real information to come out… like parabens, phthalates, etc… There was a point in time when the story was they were safe and we shouldn’t worry about them. 20 years later, that generation is dealing with tons of health problems that are either strange and mysterious or happening at usually young ages. Same thing with cigarettes. Now they vape as an “alternative.” Mark my words, 20 years from now, we’ll find out it’s all toxic, our kids get sick, and the next generation of chemicals will be born, and we’ll be told, “not to worry.” The issue is honesty. Labels are not transparent, not by any stretch.

dr. anna sylwestrowicz
April 09 2018

Out of all the preservative systems available, leuconostoc is still the cleanest and least toxic. Especially if combined with KOH for anti yeast/fungal effect.
Do you believe there is a safer alternative for pregnant and nursing moms?
Dr. Anna Sylwestrowicz MD, FRCP

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